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We have had the most amazing fall weather which is great when you are framing a house. As is to be expected the house build is going slower than I would like, but I have promised myself not to get fussed. So far so good.
Last night we had some good friends over for dinner but we started the night on the deck of the new house. It was a lovely warm evening as we sat and enjoyed a drink and homemade guacamole. When we were sitting there a very interesting bird landed on the roof rafters. And thanks to google I quickly figured out it was a Northern Flicker. Maybe not a rare bird, but to us it was…

Photo source

We did the grand tour of the house which now consists of two stories and some roof rafters and gravel in the basement.

Deck and first floor done.



Peeking out of the office

Helpers Gus and Oliver

Upper floor

Flicker on the rafter

Tomorrow they are installing Plastispan Insultaion Board to the basement floor which will have in floor heating. We will be filming it for Plastifab, stay tuned.


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Since my last update we now have a basement and are starting to get a feeling of the size. The big basement windows are great, I am glad we added a couple (from the original drawing).
There was a worry that the house or the rooms were too small. But I am glad the house is not bigger. I see so many homes that have unused space, empty rooms or rooms filled with furniture that no one uses.


This tree was almost removed by mistake. I am so glad it is still standing. I would like to know what kind of tree this is? Perhaps it will become clear once the fruit gets a bit bigger…It kind of looks like pears, but I don’t think pears grow here. However looking at this site, it sure does look like pears.

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